Major indoor snow centres are, of course, nothing new across continental Europe. Our snow centre would be based on similar successful facilities. There are currently several of these on the table for Spain, France and Norway. It is only a matter of time before the UK has one. And we want it to be in Wales! Indoor snow centres have been run for many years as viable, sustainable and profitable businesses, bringing tourists and snowsport enthusiasts to their region, along with providing a facility of great value and benefit to the local residents. Proof of their popularity is that visitors are often required to book tickets weeks in advance at certain times throughout the year.

Our goal for Rhydycar West is to achieve all this and more, utilizing the modern technology we have on hand today, combined with greener energy to further drive our sustainability.
The UK is home to a number of smaller indoor ski centres, such as Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes and Tamworth. Manchester currently has the longest slope in the UK at 180m.
As to the long indoor slopes on the continent, there are currently four with others on the way.



Snow Arena in Lithuania has two indoor slopes, outdoor skiing tracks, snow park and a recreation complex that includes restaurants.


Netherlands-based SnowWorld at Landgraaf includes a 520m slope, fun park and integrated hotel and restaurants.


Alpincentre at Bottrop in Germany has an indoor slope of 640 metres in length which boasts a real corner along its course.


At 620m in length, Snowhall in Amnéville (France) offers several spaces and is suitable for all skill levels: a beginner slope, a toboggan run for the little ones, a tubing zone, a big track and a snowpark for freestylers.


Interestingly, both Bottrop and Landgraaf were built on former coal mining land. Much like Rhydycar West, the natural form of the former mining terrain at these locations provided the perfect setting and supporting slope for the immense project.